• Former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić

  • Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Hasan Muratović

Zvonimir Baletić

President of the Geoeconomic Forum. One of the founders of the Geoeconomic Forum. Was full Professor of Economics, at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb; Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economics Zagreb.Minister in the Government of the Republic of Croatia (1991-1993). Director of the Institute of Economics Zagreb (1993-1999).

Member of the Executive Board of the International European Movement (1997-2000).Expert in the fields of economic theory, economic development, regional economy and economic policy.Doctor of economy (Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb); completed his postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago, USA. Baletic's mentor was  Theodore William "Ted" Schultz an American economist, Nobel Laureate.

Author: Marxian Theory of Economic Crises (1965), Economic Process and Economic Theory (1972), Structural Characteristics, Growth Dynamics and Capital Formation in Croatian Economy (1977), Development of Underdeveloped Regions of Croatia (1985), Conception and Mechanisms of the Structural Adjustment Policy (1988), Croatian Economy in Transition (1999).

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Jasna Plevnik 2018

Jasna Plevnik

is an initator and  founder and Vice President of the Geoeconomic Forum, Zagreb.  She is a Senior Specialist at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, The Presidental Office.

Dr. Plevnik is the author of several books, including The "Belt and Road" Initiative and its implications for Southeast Europe (2016), The Price of the New World Order: World Challenges to National Interests (2009) and Beyond Globalization (2003) translated into Albanian  as Pas Globalizimit (2003) , as well as the co-author of China in The Balkans (2013) with Stjepan Mesić and Ljubo Jurčić, and of The Age of Economic Diplomacy (2011) with Stjepan Mesić.

Dr. Jasna Plevnik, as an expert for China, has initiated and  developed cooperation of the Geoeconomic Forum with think tanks in South East Europe and in China. 

She attended as a panelist numerous forums and conferences on the Belt and Road in China, such as Forum 2018 for International City and Industry Cooperation under the Belt & Road Initiative, Shenzhen; the Belt and Road Forum on International Cooperation, 2017, Beijing; the High-Level Symposium of Think Tanks of China and Central and Eastern European Countries, Bejing, 2013.

Dr. Plevnik was interviewed many times by China's media CCTV, Guang Ming Daily, Xinhua, and most influential media outlets in Croatia and South East Europe, about the Belt and Road and "16 plus one". Her statements on Croatia and the BRI was republished at China's government web site. 


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Mladen Vedriš

Vice President of Geoeconomic Forum. Associate Professor of Economic policy at Faculty of Law, Zagreb. Vice-president of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, concerned with economy (1992-1993).Minister in the Government of the Republic of Croatia (1992). President of Executive Council City of Zagreb Assembly (1990-1993).

The owner of SONDER, a company dealing with consulting, strategic planning and representation of home and foreign companies.

President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (1993-1995).Participated in projects with OECD, ILO, World Bank, UNESCO etc. Executive Program for Leaders in Development"(1999), Harvard, USA; "Risks and Benefits of Globalisation", a seminar in Washington, Friedrich-Neumann Stiftung and Bank of America (1999); "Global Business Global Institutions - Towards a Shared Value Base For the Institutions of the Global Economy" XIX Tällberg Workshop, Sweden (1999).

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Vitomir Begović

is Head of The Institute for Occupational Safety Improvement  He finished  postgraduate studies on the subject: Education of Adults in Conditions of Economic Globalisation. One of the leading Croatian experts in relations among the government, employers and unions. Was the Executive Director of the Human Resources at  the Agrokor Group (2011 -2015).

Chief Secretary of SSSH-a, the largest Croatian Trade Union (1997-2000), Chief Secretary of the Industrial Democracy Centre (2000), Chairman of the Economic and Social Council Tripartite Body (2000 - 2001). Participated in many international seminars: Technical Training Program for the Societies in Transition, organized by AFL-CIO and USAID (1997); a training programme at George Meany Centre, Washington (1998); Experiences of Local Dialogue, a seminar held in Belgium (2002); Development of Institutions and National Social Dialogue, Stability Pact seminar held in Sarajevo (2003).

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Zoran Jašić

was a Vice-president of Geoeconomic Forum. Since 2004 to 2009.  Was full Professor of Finance at Faculty of Economy, University of Zagreb. Jašić was a  Minister of Finance in the Government of Republic Croatia (1992-1994) and an  Ambassador of Croatia to Germany.

Author: Introduction to Economics of Education (1979), The Budget and Economic Development (1980), Introduction to the Theory of Economic Policy, co-author (1981), Education and Structural Changes (1987), Kroatien in Spannungsfeld der Globalisierung (1988), Globalisation and Croatia, ed. (1999), Die Erweiterung der Europäischen Union als Herausforderung für Kroatien (2000).

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Ljubo Jurčić

is Full professor at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb. From July 2002 to December 2003, served as a minister of economy in the second Cabinet of Prime Minister Ivica Račan. In Croatian parliamentary election 2007, Social Democratic Party nominated him as candidate for Prime Minister. Was a member of the supervisory boards of Hrvatska brodogradnja - Jadranbrod, JANAF and Plinacro companies. Currently Jurčić is the president of the Croatian Association of Economists.

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Joachim Knospe

graduated engineer and graduated in engineering management - has gained extensive experience on national and international in the area of General Management (restructuring experience with medium-sized and big companies), and in the area of Interim Management (organisation, growth, restructuring, recapitalisation, turnaround crisis management). After the successful integration of the activities of the management consultancy and the engineering company, it was obvious that the already chosen path will be consistently followed. The result was the establishment of SOL - IM focusing in supporting conglomerates and concerns with medium-sized structure in the area of interim management. Management Experience: COO in an affiliate of a German company in Canada for computer and medical technology; Chief Representative in an affiliate of a French automotive supply industry company in France / South-East-Europe; Managing Director of ALSTOM Kroatien GmbH (ALSTOM Croatia Ltd.); Managing Director of NEEF - Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co . etc.

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Danko Plevnik

Columnist and International Relations Analyst for Croatian and  regional media outlets. After specialist training in the USA, influenced by strategist Edward N. Luttwak, he was the first to promote the idea of geoeconomy in Croatia (1992).

Field of special interest: strategy of global political planning and security. Awards: Croatian Journalist of the Year, award by Slobodna Dalmacija (1991) and Croatian Journalist of the Year, award by the Croatian Journalist Association (1991 and 1992).Member of the Executive Board of the European Journalist Association (1999-2001). Ph.D. degree in the field of information science.Author: Information is Communication (1986), Towards the Civilization of Mobile Text (1988), The Sense of Bosnia (1997), New NATO and old Geopolitics (1999), The Chaos of Hegemony (2001), War and Piece for Croatia (2002).

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Yasuo Yamamoto

graduated at Osaka University of Foreign Studies. He gained abundant experience in global trade working as a trade coordinator and promoter as well as market strategist at the global Nichimen Corporation, Japan (now, Sojitz Corp.) that is specialised in international trading, financing and investment. Yamamoto was responsible for management of the Nichimen Corporation's sections, departments, divisions and overseas offices, and regional headquarters in Tokyo and Moscow .

Since 1998 he is owner and employee of "Japanska kuca d.o.o." Zagreb that is engaged in business consultancy, tourism promotion, trade and cultural exchange etc. Yamamoto is active member of NPO "ABIC" (Action for a Better International Community), Tokyo. (NPO is under Japan Foreign Trade Council) In 2002 the Japanese government sent him to Poland to transfer its expert knowledge to Polish business community. He has been engaged as an adviser to the Croatia Business Centre, Tokyo.

Yamamotohas been working as a lecturer at Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) and Adviser to its Japanese Center (Japanese culture and business, Kaizen management).

Books: "Samurai and vitez", 2005 by Meridijani and ZSEM.

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