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The BRI and Southeast Europe 6 By Jasna Plevnik

The Connectivity Cooperation Between China and Europe,AMulti-Dimensional Analysis, Edited By Liu Zuokui, Branislav Đorđević, Routledge, London, 2022.



Liu ZuokuiBranislav Djordjevic 2

          Liu Zuokui                                          Branislav Đorđević                     


-This book is the first systematic China-based study on connectivity cooperation between China and Europe. It is packed with discussion of scholars not just from China, but also from Central and Eastern Europe on the origin and paradigm of China–European connectivity from a range of different perspectives.

As a result of intensive coordination efforts, the study, co-edited by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Serbia, aims at providing analyses of greater links between China and European countries heading into the future. Furthermore, this Cooperation is used as a special research case to showcase cooperation between China and Europe along with its achievements and challenges. This collection of essays is the fruit of extensive transnational efforts and will be a valuable resource for all those working in the areas of International Relations and Political Science with a focus on China and Europe-

In chapter 13 of the book  Jasna Plevnik analyses the  Belt and Road's influence in six countries of South East Europe.