About Us

Advising companies and investors on economic, regulatory and political risks and opportunities.
We study and analyse markets to identify growth and investment opportunities in emerging markets, track trends and regional developments, identify potential barriers to market entry and devise intelligent business solutions.

Our Model

  1. Market analysis and assessment
  2. Investment viability in emerging markets (ROI analysis)
  3. HR Advisory
  4. Cross - Cultural Analysis - providing complete Cultural Topography, Cross-cultural competitive intelligence strategies and in-depth analysis of cultural diversity of consumers

We have a global reach with a network of regional consultants and offices in China, India, Ghana, Nigeria, US, Belgium, Croatia and Germany.


Natko Plevnik

Natko Plevnik

Natko is a Policy Analyst with an MSc from NEOMA Business School in France with a global outlook on business development and foreign policy. His experience working as a Policy Advisor in the European Parliament, and a researcher, and a consultant for various international organizations helps him advise clients on understanding the impact of changes in policy and regulations on their businesses.

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Warsha Balla

Warsha is a Market intelligence and technology specialist with a passion for cultures and innovation.Her interest and experiences in research entrepreneurship and International Marketing led her to pursue a Master degree in Global Management from France. She also holds an engineering degree in Information Technology. With over 6 years of experience across 4 countries, she is now deeply focused in providing solutions to firms across the globe on competitive cultural analysis, market penetration and intelligence.

At 18, she was chosen to work as an online student reporter for the city of Hyderabad among more than 20,000 students. She also worked 3 years for a entrepreneurial E-journal working on a wide range of activities from Human resources, Communication to Market research. Additionally, while working in France and Germany, Warsha acquired immense understanding of cultural topographies and worked on developing complex cross-cultural and market intelligence strategies across Europe and India.

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jao mis

Yaw Asamoa Adoo

Yaw is a budding entrepreneur and academic. Ghanaian by nationality, he studied Msc in Global Management at NEOMA Business School in France. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in French and Political Science from the University of Ghana. His book on the primacy of supply chain management as a competitive differentiator, is published by the Lambert Academic Publishing of Germany.

With experience working on research projects notably in West Africa, he provides clients with practical and empirical understanding of doing business in Africa.

In his fervent liking for international business, he always reiterates the latent economic success inherent in intra-African trade, as this presents an enormous opportunity for both green and brown field investments.

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Leonardo Đinić

Leonardo Đinić recently graduated from New York University (NYU) with an M.A. in international politics and business. In the spring of 2019, Leonardo's thesis on Hungarian populism was recognized as the most prominent thesis in the program for the academic year. In addition to his full-time position with the IT firm Cognizant, Leo is a journalist with ChinaUSFocus and researcher for the Private Debt Project, an initiative to expand the study of rapidly growing global debt.

He studies trends of the US-China decoupling and their effects on Europe. Đinić predicts that the 'European Rim' will become a swing region, which China and the U.S. will fight over since geopolitical battles already emerge through investment of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Leonardo cooperates with various organizations to raise awareness of the European Rim region and its economic potential, focusing on the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

His most recent debt-focused project examined how the Euro crisis continues to haunt the Mediterranean region of the European Union. Its legacies and the region's particular economic exposure make it especially vulnerable to the economic shock from the COVID-19 crisis. He argued that without a concerted EU-wide and regional action, the region's banks' vulnerabilities could again throw the EU into crisis.
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