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Dr. Jasna Plevnik - Behind Globalization: Geoeconomics of International Relations

ZAGREB- 5-27-2003-The book by Dr. Jasna Plevnik - Behind Globalization: Geoeconomics of international relations - published by Golden Marketing - Technical book, was presented at the Home of The Croatian Journalists' Association in Zagreb

Vlatko Mileta, a Professor at The Faculty of Political Science Zagreb, said that the geoeconomic principle does not imply territorial conquest as an expression of the supremacy, but that political domination is achieved through economic  power and  diffrent kinds of economic relations.

Davorin Mlakar, a distinguished  Croatian diplomat, said that the book gives a comprehensive view of the relationship between the economy and foreign policy.


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Jasna Plevnik analyzes what is behind globalization in her new book.


In the book, Jasna Plevnik explains which countries are geoeconomically active, which are passive, and in what way they strategically use the economy to realize their national interests in the global space.