Dr Jasna Plevnik meets NIDS' President Yamamoto and HL expert Masuda

ZAGREB, 29 May 2018 –  On the invitation of a  leading expert of China’s foreign policy and the Belt and Road Initiative, Masayuki Masuda, from the National Institute for Defence Studies (NIDS) Tokyo Japan, GEFO Vice President Jasna Plevnik had an informal meeting with NISD President Tatsuo Yamamoto and  NIDS Senior Fellow Masuda.The NIDS delegation visited Croatia for attending the 47th Conference of Commandants that took place at the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr Franjo Tuđman”, from 29 to 31 May 2018.

The meeting was largely devoted to exchanging views on how Belt and Road Initiative has been accepting in Croatia, South East European countries and the EU. Dr Plevnik emphasized that BRI, in spite of its key common goals of connecting the world and share economic developments, has different perspective in the Balkans, the EU, and South East Asia or in Middle Asia and that regional approach is very productive in implementing the BRI.