Delegation of the Institute of European Studies visits Croatia

Academician Kusić stressed importance of deepening cooperation of the Academy with Chinese academies. Zhou Yunfan, Deputy Director said the CASS was an important adviser of Chinese government in the field of social and humanistic sciences. She stressed it has acted as a significant coordinator of “16 plus one” diplomacy connecting Chinse scientist with scientists from Central and East European countries.

Dr. Jasna Plevnik: economic ties between the two countries advancing

Dr. Jasna Plevnik pointed out the visit came at very favourable moment. The significant progress has been made in advancing political and economic ties between the two countries at bilateral and multilateral levels. Recently Croatia’s government signed an agreement with the China Road and Bridge Cooperation to build Pelješac Bridge and next year Croatia will be a host of 16 plus one summit. –We see a great move forward in developing relations between the countries inside 16 plus one and the Belt and Road that is Initiative in which all others initiatives converge. The moral values of these diplomacies are peace and shared development. This kind of cooperation is more important than five years ago when the BRI was launched because in the economic world order context is visible an anti-free trade, anti-multilateral and anti-economic interdependence tendency making international relations increasingly unpredictable.–said Dr.  Jasna Plevnik.

She assessed the Riga summit, in 2016 could be described as a significant turnaround in Croatian diplomacy towards 16 plus one.

How to deepen knowledge on 16 plus one between Croatia and China 

Mr. Liu Zuokui, Director of department of Central and Eastern European Studies of CASS and director of China–CEEC Think Tank Network secretariat Office presented his views on how to deepen knowledge on cooperation between Croatia and China within the China-CEE Think Tanks Network framework. He pointed out the main reason for the visit of the delegation to the Academy  was the discussion on the organization of a conference on 16 plus one achievements in Croatia,   that could be held ahead of the meeting of the premier 16 + 1 countries scheduled for May 2019.




At the meeting in the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and EU Affairs Mr. Vice Skračić, the Assistant Minister informed Chinese delegation about preparatory works for the next Meeting of Leaders of China and Central and Eastern European Countries (16+1 summit).