Jasna Plevnik took part in Global Cloud Forum on Improving International Cooperation in the Fight against COVID 19


All participants stressed all countries should focus on deepening cooperation in economic recovery, vaccine research and development, See more at:


Dr. Jasna Plevnik: Besides of America, there are other global and major powers capable to lead the world and offer global solutions



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 The 2-hr panel, organised by CCG, discussed how can countries unite and cooperate in this battle against humanity’s common enemy that is COVID-19. Distinguished speakers shared their  views on a global, regional and local response to coronavirus. See more at






victor gao

Victor Gao, a world-renowned expert on financial globalization, director of the Center for China and Globalization and translator Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s chaires the panel.




jasna cloude

 Dr. Jasna Plevnik spoke on June 10 at the panel "International Cooperation in Fighting the Epidemic: Challenges and Opportunities" chaired by Victor Gao.


Jasna Plevnik said that Covid-19 changed the economic prospects for Southeast Europe for the worse. There are many predictions as to which region needs to prepare for the future with less global trade, tourism and investment. The pandemic has also brought more populism to regional and international relations - many people believe Covid-19 stemmed from globalization.

She stressed that no matter of Covid-19, the world order and economic globalisation needed to be modernised and organised to respond on this relatively new reality in which European Union and China have had hard time to deal Washington's inconsistency and unilateralism.

- Leading American foreign policy expert Richard Haass thinks that no one leads the world if America does not lead it. But we have seen many bad events affect the superpower and weaken its legitimacy for moral leadership. We have also seen that there is the ability of other global and major powers to lead the world and offer global solutions. Europe is largely united in the view that the world needs a stronger multilateral global system while China in this global crisis has proven to be a predictable, consistent and capable global power with passion and capacity to build a global health system, strengthen economic globalization and multilateralism. We could see many similarities between the EU and China and this similarity has the potential to increase the world's strength for a global response. - said Jasna Plevnik