The President of the Geoeconomic Foruma Croatia, Jasna Plevnik delivered a speech at the 2023 World Internet Conference

The 10th anniversary: the Wuzhen Summit welcomed nearly 12,000 participants from 172 countries and regions


The three-day summit has brought together top executives from global tech enterprises and leading Chinese internet companies. 

Wuzhen Summit spotlighted  a theme "Creating an Inclusive and Resilient Digital World Beneficial to All -- Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace." The summit features 20 sub-forums covering topics such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and coordinated transformation for digital and green development.

the 2023 World Internet Conference featured new activities including the awarding of honorary titles and the inauguration of a global youth leadership program under the framework of the WIC.

In 2023 the WIC celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Wuzhen Summit. Since then, it has welcomed nearly 12,000 participants from 172 countries and regions.

prosperous cyberspace aligns with European values of solidarity and equal opportunities.


Jasana head

Jasna Plevnik: Today Integration of the internet infrastructure appears indispensable like drinking water.

Jasna Plevnik said China dedicated itself to building cyberspace that was not just about Internet Infrastructure connectivity, but also about the concept of global digital governance focused on reaching benefits for all countries. 

„To me, it means the Digital Silk Road, launched 8 years ago, as a significant part of the BRI, and influenced by BRI’s philosophy of connectivity, stands as an essential instrument able to make an Open, globally Interconnected Internet Infrastructure a reality.

China has opened the window for building global internet infrastructure by signing memos of understanding on constructing the Digital Silk Road with 17 countries and it has invested billions of euros in digital projects outside  China.

 Interconnected Internet Infrastructure one day should serve as a foundation for going further toward a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

In cyberspace like in the physical one values like equality and reciprocity are the best way to promote global and open cooperation in cyberspace. Many developing countries are hungry for the internet infrastructure in public services like schools and hospitals, ports, and railways“, said Jasna Plevnik.



„Today Integration of the internet infrastructure appears indispensable like drinking water. There is thinking that in the cyber world is easier to reach interconnectivity than in the physical world. It is true because the internet's essence is network. But we should never forget a central fact cyber and physical worlds are one and irreversibly linked. I want to point out that the process of interconnectivity of internet infrastructure has been also seen through the frame of great powers competition.

  You are all witnessing that We live in a time of unprecedented events and politics. I am afraid that the multiplication of unprecedented events could produce unwanted chaos in the world.   

Recently, in the Baltic Sea- telecom cables were damaged. The use of cryptocurrency by terrorists opened an issue of global regulation and governing of digital currency. And in cyberspace too “Unprecedented" is a new buzzword. 

However,  these events have no power to decrease confidence in creating an open and globally interconnected Internet infrastructure through cooperation.

Thank you for your kind attention. Wish you successful work and interconnected results,"  Jasna Plevnik concluded.