FPLC Aim to Make Foreign Policy Nonpartisan

John Court, the former assistant to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council, now member of Geoeconomic Council of GEOFO, was among the founders of The Foreign Policy Leadership Council's (FPLC) branch in Cincinnati on September 22, 2005. 
Court said that the local FPLC would be organized as a fora for discussion on different foreign policy issues.

The FPLC is the new American foreign policy think tank, which now has 400 members in 23 states, and has the task to prepare the next generation of foreign leaders in The United States of America. One of the FPLC's vital aims is not only to bring foreign policy to the local level, but also to make foreign policy issues nonpartisan! The members of FPLC are people who have held positions in the White House, in the State, Defense and Treasury departments, Congress, academic think tanks and in international organizations.

Jospeh Dehner, the head of the Cincinnati FPLC and chairman of the International Services Group at Frost Brown Todd LLC, has said that people in Cincinnati are concerned about the current state of American foreign policy. He stressed that it is time to get more Cincinnati people involved in helping shape foreign policy.

Daniel L. Cruise, a member of the FPLC executive board and former director of public affairs at the NCS said:"FPLC is not dealing with the issue of being for or against the war in Iraq, but is wondering why are we still there?"