Building the Global Future

During her stay at Chautauqua Institution (, the Vice-president of GEOFO Ph.D. Jasna Plevnik met with the former Deputy of State Secretary Madeleine Albright in Clinton's Administration, Strobe Talbott, who is currently the Director of Brookings Institution, one of prestigious American think-tanks for foreign policy.

In the series of lectures "Building a Global Future", organized by Chautauqua Institution, besides Talbott lecturers, there have been lectures given by Philipa C. Wilcox, president, Foundation for Middle East Peace, former U. S. ambassador; Jamesa A. Jospeh, former U. S. ambassador to South Africa, professor, director of U.S.-Southern Africa Center for Leadership and Public Values at Duke University, Robert Kagan, senior associate, Carenegie Endowment for International Peace, former ambassador Richard W. Murphy, expert for Middle East, long- member of Council on Foreign Relations) and Ira Rifkind , well known journalist specialized in a religious aspect of globalization