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Experts: Chinese vaccine approach humanitarian and fair

Jasna Plevnik's video clip – China Daily 


People don’t care about where vaccines are made, but are they safe, effective and quickly available | Updated: 2021-03-02 08:30

Chinese global vaccine approach, donations and commercial supply have boosted vaccination around the world, especially in developing countries, says Jasna Plevnik, president of the Geoeconomic Forum Croatia, adding that Beijing's vaccine approach has been recognized as a humanitarian policy, not a geopolitical one, and also fair.

Andy Heng, general manager of a foreign bank in Guangzhou, says it's critical for those producing their own vaccines to share with those who cannot. It is when the entire region is safe, that every single individual country is safe. It is when the entire region is safe, that trade investment will flow once again.

Please see the video clip with Jasna Plevnik's statement below