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Croatian expert: West showing double standards toward China's new COVID policy | Updated: 2023-01-17 09:15

There is a hyperinflation of double standards in the Western reaction toward China's adjustment on its COVID prevention and control policy, said Jasna Plevnik, president of the Geoeconomic Forum Croatia.

Plevnik pointed out that the adjustment is optimistic and even a historic event for China, for family reunion and the global economy, and particularly for the global tourism.

Yet the Western response to China's move "appears somehow ambiguous and opposite to the soft COVID strategy that the West is implementing at home", Plevnik said.

"It is optimistic that Europe'sleading medical experts and serious institutions claim the measures are unjustified and politically motivated. The New York Times has published that America's Covid Test Requirement for Chinese Travelers Is a farce. I hope  the farce will finish quickly."

Jasna Plevnik Remarks on China's COVID-19 protocol adjustment:

 Jasna Plevnik View on the West's response to China's COVID-19 protocol adjustment: