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Speedy conclusion of work applauded, China Daily


By CHEN WEIHUA | China Daily Global | Updated: 2023-04-28 00:00

Chen Weihua

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 Croatian people and news media have been amazed by the ability of a Chinese company to finish the Peljesac Bridge before the agreed deadline, said the founder and president of a Croatian think tank Jasna PLevnik.

"China's reputation in Croatia has grown significantly," Jasna Plevnik, founder and president of Geoeconomic Forum Croatia, said. "The official name of the bridge is Peljesac Bridge, but it is also popularly called the Chinese Bridge, which reflects an admiration for the China Road and Bridge Corporation's work."

She expressed that Croatia's government has been interested in other big national projects that involve European Union funds and Chinese companies, especially in infrastructure projects.

"The BRI as a new generation model of cooperation and connectivity among countries emphasizes digital and green investments and multilateralism and China's willingness to strengthen the BRI is an opportunity for countries within the BRI to continue with processes of economic interdependence among themselves and with China," Plevnik said.

However, Western politicians have been criticizing the BRI from the beginning, but they failed to stop 18 European countries, including EU member states, candidate states and others, from becoming China's partners in building the BRI, Plevnik said.

She stressed that the world needs sustainable development, green economic cooperation and peace more than ever. "All these goals exist in the Belt and Road Initiative," she said. "Keep it alive and healthy."